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Meeting Schedule

2021 Green Infrastructure Coalition Meetings

  • Statewide Meetings: March 18, 2021, September 16, 2021
  • GIC Trade Show: October 21, 2021 (TBD whether virtual or in person)
  • Providence Meetings: 4th Wednesday of every month
  • East Bay Meetings: 4th Tuesday of every month (Zoom Link)
  • PSIC: See schedule on the Stormwater Innovations website

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The Green Infrastructure Coalition has completed an analysis of the coalition’s impact.

Read the report: Putting Nature to Work in Rhode Island.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Storm Innovation Expos.

View the 2021 Agenda & Ad Book

Watch a video of the 2021 Expo

View the 2020 Agenda & Ad Book

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RI Green Infrastructure Coalition

The Green Infrastructure Coalition (GIC) includes not-for-profit organizations, architects, designers, builders, city planners and state and local policymakers as partners, who work together to promote nature based solutions for cleaning runoff pollution. Nature based solutions create pathways for rainwater, melting snow, and other run-off to avoid pavement and infiltrate into the earth.

The GIC leadership represents a wide range of Rhode Island environmental organizations, including John Berard of Clean Water Action, Topher Hamblett of Save the Bay, Sheila Dormody of The Nature Conservancy, Sara Churgin of the Eastern RI Conservation District and Lauren Carson of the Eastern RI Conservation District. Their role is to guide the coalition, seek funding for projects and provide long term strategic objectives.

Our free membership is open to any Rhode Island organization, pubic, private or governmental, that supports our work and encourages the use of green infrastructure. You can see a list of our members here and you can become a member by contacting Sara Churgin at schurgin.ericd@gmail.com. To join our mailing list contact Lauren Carson at lcarson.ericd@gmail.com.

The Green Infrastructure Coalition is committed to nature based solutions for cleaning runoff pollution.

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