Rhode Island
Green Infrastructure Coalition

What We Do

The GIC’s vision is for RI municipalities to have sustainable stormwater management programs which prioritize implementing green infrastructure, which uses vegetation and soil to manage rainwater where it falls. Green infrastructure delivers environmental, social and economic benefits beyond flood control, such as recharging groundwater reserves, reducing urban heat islands, improving habitats and providing recreational spaces in urban areas. Investing in water infrastructure creates jobs, reduces pollution, improves public health and promotes economic growth. Investing in green infrastructure also holds the promise of offering accessible job opportunities and career development entry-points to communities most impacted by economic and environmental crisis.

The GIC’s work is organized into three categories: Policy, Projects and Communications. The GIC works in the Providence metro area (Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls), on Aquidneck Island (Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth) and the East Bay (Jamestown, Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Little Compton, Tiverton).

The GIC communications program has developed signage for green infrastructure projects. The sign template is free and available to interested partners. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation prints signs provided by the GIC. If you are interested in this program, contact Sheila Dormondy, sheila.dormody@tnc.org.