Rhode Island
Green Infrastructure Coalition

Image Credit: Dave Gerraughty

The three elements of stormwater management are bioswales, permeable pavement and a tiered landscape design to direct and infiltrate stormwater.

Image Credit: Dave Gerraughty

Water not absorbed by the grass and permeable pavement flows into bioswales around the perimeter.

Image Credit: Dave Gerraughty

The elevated grassy area at the center of the property absorbs and funnels stormwater runoff to permeable pavement.

Project: The Steel Yard

Location: Providence Map It


The site was regraded to funnel stormwater from higher elevations at the center of the property to bioswales on the perimeter that capture and infiltrate the runoff. A central, raised grassy area and permeable pavement help reduce the flow to the bioswales, which are filled with native plants.