Rhode Island
Green Infrastructure Coalition

Image Credit: Jessica Pohl
Image Credit: Jessica Pohl

Project: Kempenaar Valley Stormwater Infiltration

Location: Middletown Map It


The Gravel Wet Vegetated Treatment System at Kempenaar Valley filters stormwater run-off of nearby impervious surfaces and residential lawns from the Two Mile Corner area in Middletown. This constructed wetland was designed to reduce bacteria loading into the Bailey Brook, which feeds two drinking supply reservoirs (Green End Pond and Easton Pond) for residents of Aquidneck Island.

The Town of Middletown owns the 45-acre site, of which the green infrastructure sits on 1-2 acres, and developed the project in coordination with RIDOT. The Aquidneck Land Trust has a conservation easement on the entirety of the property. Beyond the green infrastructure, the site will also include hiking trails maintained by the Town of Middletown.