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Check out Brown graduate Stephanie Yin's video that shows why we are so excited about using nature to prevent stormwater pollution and flooding to improve our communities.

Nature at Work News features stories from around Rhode Island about communities addressing environmental and infrastructure challenges like flooding, climate change, and stormwater pollution by using nature.
Lessons in Water Cycling by Stephanie Yin
The Green Infrastructure Coalition is a project of the Environment Council of Rhode Island. We are made up of over forty organizations from around the state that work on projects to create nature based solutions for stormwater issues facing Rhode Island. Our projects and programs are geared towards educating the community on what is being done to address polluted runoff and flooding across the state. Our goal is to advocate for and help create new projects by using natural green infrastructure in Rhode Island. 
John Berard is the State Director of Rhode Island Clean Water Action. Clean Water Action is a member of the Rhode Island Green Infrastructure Coalition. 
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